Let's learn

For geniouses of all ages 

Children concentrate and learn best when they are sitting on chairs and working at desks with an ergonomic design that cooperates with their natural energy.

Understanding that a combination of concentration and physical movement fosters a safe learning culture, FLEXA introduces a new collection of mobile desks and chairs reflecting the core principles of ergonomic design for children.

With rounded and stylish design in subdued and trendy colours, FLEXA creates a harmonious environment that inspires children to embrace and enjoy successful learning.


The harmonic Scandinavian design of Woody incorporates important ergonomic principles, including adjustable elevation and a desktop that can be tilted. The height can be adjusted from 50 cm to 83 cm, and the desktop can be tilted up to 35 degrees – the ergonomically correct angle for reading.





MOBY is available with one of three different desktops: one for right-handed children, one for left-handed children, and one with the 25 degree tilt function in the middle of the desk.


EVO is available with one of two different desktops: one where the entire desktop tilts, and one divided into two sections, where the back of the desktop is fixed in place and the front can be titled 18 degrees. The fixed part of the desktop is ideal for placing binders and other supplies.





NOVO has height adjustable seat and backrest while the backrest also tilts, so it can be adjusted according to child's preference to achieve a correct sitting posture and allowing the child to remain mobile rather than restrained.


VERTO is adjustable in the height and depth of the seat and has a height adjustable and tiltable backrest to ensure a correct sitting posture for the child and allowing the child to remain mobile rather than restrained.